workshops during warsaw theatre meetings

31 march 2012

On 28 and 29.03 we had a pleasure to lead with Iga Ganczarczyk choreographical- dramaturgical workshop „Design Myself. A collective choreographical blog” during Warsaw Theatre Meetings.

Day One: work with teenagers, Day Two: adults. Many interesting thoughts, very intensive work.

How to lead a logical workshop with warm up, working with text, visual inspirations from blogs and to do it in 3,5 hours?

"visionaries of the body" during warsaw theater meetings

26 march 2012

On 27.03 at 8.30 pm during Warsaw Theater Meetings there will be a meeting about „Visionaries of the Body”, a meeting without the author…


jury member

12 march 2012

12.03.2012 at 5pm Dominika will be a jury member in „3… 2… 1… DANCE” choreographic contest organized by Cracow Dance Theater. Should be a lot of fun…

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