Sztruks Association

Association for Humanistic Initiatives in Arts Sztruks was created to support development of artistic practices on the  border of disciplines (especially theatre, contemporary dance, performance art, film, new media, visual arts, music). Sztruks also focuses on developing theoretical discourse in broadly understood humanities. Association plans to organize numerous events mixing theory and practice: dance/theatre productions, performative actions, films, seminars, conferences, lectures, panel discussions. Many members of Sztruks are also active writers and translators.
One of the goals of the Association is to open and run residency program for artists from different artistic fields with emphasis on projects bridging arts and theory, artistic creation and research and oriented on creative process. In the long run Sztruks also aims at creating in Krakow a physical space dedicated to interdisciplinary artistic activities consisting of, among others, dance studio, where rehearsals and diverse dance classes could take place, and multimedia workshop serving as a basis for other projects.