"Visionaries of the Body"

Visionaries of the Body. Panorama of contemporary dance theatre

Ha!art Corporation
Krakow 2010

First such an extensive book about contemporary dance published in Polish. An in-depth reconstruction of its roots and process of development, as well as ties to other fields of culture. In essence – dynamic approach. The book presents profiles of all the most important choreographers of the past and today. It is an invaluable guide to experiments performed by the body on itself in the last century and can be used for diverse purposes: as a handbook but also just for fun, for beginners as well as advanced readers


  • http://www.ha.art.pl/wydawnictwo/katalog-ksiazek/1537-wojciech-klimczyk-wizjonerzy-ciala-panorama-wsolczesnego-teatru-tanca.html (Polish)
Visionaries of the Body