• directed by: Wojtek Klimczyk
  • choreography and dance: Dominika Knapik
  • music: Morton Feldman “Palais de Mari”
  • performed by: Dobrochna Krówka

Moscow is a duet of dancer and pianist. It is a focused, minimalistic, non-linear narration inspired by Anton Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters” and the life of Vivien Leigh. Once again HAFA deal with madness treated as theatrical form, a gesture of affectation executed with manic precision. Dance and Morton Feldman’s music intertwine as closely as possible to create a polifonic structure on the border of expression and autism.

Realised with scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

Premiere: 20.05.2011 Mandala Performance Festival, Wroclaw


  • Solvay Contemporary Art Center, Krakow
  • Cracks Punkt Tanz 2011, Mica Moca Project Berlin
  • Preselections for Polish Dance Platform 2012, Poznan



design: Ania Nałęcka